What is a glyph?

A “glyph” is nothing but a (nice formatted) QR code, which you can scan for Happy Meals and other expressions of McDonalds with a special app. A glyph can not scan a QR code reader. To read the glyph you need to HappyStudio.com app, which you can download at the bottom of this page for the Android and iPhone.

By scanning a glyph, you happy in the studio apartment or a new game get another card. Or would the makers have other surprises in store?

Here we keep on www.gliefs.nl you informed of everything around glyph. Below are two examples. The first is a real QR code and the second is actually your first glyph that you can scan now. On the next day we put www.gliefs.nl more glyphs, so you can play a little already.

Have fun.

qrcode               Glief van McDonalds copyright by McDonalds

Example QR Code               Example of a glyph

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