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We get a lot of questions from visitors how you can join Why we have just posted an overview of the steps.

Sign in to

  • Visit the website:
  • Click on the balloon Dutch, the Belgian visitors, of course you click on the Belgian balloon.
  • Then the website loaded. During charging, you can already play a little game. You can see the bubbles coming up so Happy puncture through the air. Success already
  • You will arrive at the home screen
  • Here you click on New player (if you’ve already registered, you can click on Returning player)
  • Then you indicate whether you’re a boy or a girl
  • Now you can come up with a nice nickname for yourself. This is a kind of alias, that you can put on your happy studio passport you receive / have received the Happy Meal. Imagine your callsign together three nice words back together. You can choose whether to be elected by We are now called Smelly Cat mucous
  • Click Next
  • Then we go into the avatar (this is a virtual doll that looks just like you, or just completely different:)), then first again in the following
  • Now you can make your avatar. Select a nice shirt, pants, shoes, your hair, what color eyes do you have?, Do you wear glasses? a pet?. Once you have everything checked, your avatar is ready, this will soon walk through Finally, you can go to the wardrobe, this is still nothing. Within happy studio you can earn points and example new clothes. Which can then attract this way. For now, click next
  • You look good and get 100 stars of, click volgendeNu will really begin the registration process
  • Optionally, you can now change your callsign, we just click on next
  • Now think of a good password you can remember. But do not make it too easy, then anyone going under your login name. We have completed our password and click next
  • Give now how old you are and click next step
  • Enter the email address of your ancestors and click next
  • Congratulations, you are now logged into HappyStudio.comJe parents now receive an email to confirm your account in the mail to them on the green button to confirm your registration.

Login to after registration

  • After your parents have approved your account you can return to
  • Click again on the Dutch flag, and our Belgian visitors to the Belgian flag.
  • Now click on returning player
  • Enter the address of your ancestors and click next
  • Now enter your password and click next
  • Now you’re loaded and studios happy inside. Now the adventure can begin.

We wish you lots of fun inside and if you have any questions, let us know. for parents

For parents there is the app. Download for Android and iPhone. This app lets you monitor what your child does on and you can reward him or her by giving stars. A star can earn by helping your child set the table with some chores. Additionally you can use the studio happy glyph scanning app. These glyphs can be found at the McDonalds on the happy meal or on posters. Also here we have some glyph collected.

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