HappyStudio.com is an action-based website launched by McDonalds where children can play and learn.

McDonalds says this about himself HappyStudio.com:

”HappyStudio.com is an online world that is completely free, and created by McDonald’s to children to turn to fun educational games, activities and experiences to the whole family is involved, where they share and rewards while we get some of our famous character friends up in the limelight.”

Parents play an important role in HappyStudio.com since they are the ones with the smart-phone and an email account, but it does not. Also within the online world, they play a role as their child (ren) to monitor, but also to reward. It is interesting to see how the communication is directed both to children and also to the parents.

The welcome e-mail to the parents is also:

Parents can hand out rewards in the theme of many well-known character friends. Get involved! You always have access to the accounts of your kids, see what games they play and what creative gifts they have made ​​for you, and you can reward them with stars! Stars are characters that kids can earn by playing games, activities to do, and you can give your home eg if they help.”

We continue to follow the campaign with interest, then we may also know who the famous ‘character boyfriends’ are …

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