Even without HappyStudio.com games of McDonalds

Last week we received a link sent from a McDonald’s fan from France. With this link you could not join a game online play HappyStudio.com anyway. Of course we like to look and found it definitely a fun game to just share with you.

HappyStudio.fr from France

In France the first location in Europe where they have launched HappyStudio.com. There is therefore a lot to play with. Especially now the weather is less and less playing games on the computer an enjoyable time spent. HappyStudio.fr is already an active club and there are more and more fun items added.

McDonald’s France has put online game

But now the McDonald’s in France is another game put online. The game is called “Avoid the obstacles.” With this game you fly through different landscapes, and you must avoid obstacles. Along the way you and Happy Meals to you then have to collect additional points.

Have fun playing

Of course we wish you now much fun with playing this game. And of course you’re still welcome to HappyStudio.com

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