#McDonalds vouchers

vouchers for McDonald’s

In the Netherlands the benefit week at McDonald s. You can still cheaper to eat at McDonald’s and that is always good. So take advantage now of the vouchers”of McDonald’s

also benefit your happy meal

You get the coupons for McDonald’s also get discounts on your happy meal. At least if you eat two Happy Meals. Of course you can have dinner with a friend at McDonald’s. Of course you get the toys of the Happy Meal. And in placing this article is that of Tintin. So that’s very nice, and your happy meal box you can fold a boat. So it’s more fun to go to McDonald’s.

happy dance is still available

Of course you can also join the happy dance . That’s a nice little dance with Happy. Do you feel like? Then have a look here for funny movies. You can also win great prizes when you join the Happy happy dance . Have you filmed yourself and want more votes? Let us know and we will promote your movie here.

Successfully enjoy your meal at McDonalds

HappyStudio.com app is updated!

McDonalds is again busy with his HappyStudio.com app. The last week has already twice changed the app and it looks a lot better.

You can now easily log on so you can have your data.

So you can you “play” cards. With these cards you will receive instructions so you can play games with each other.
Also you can find scanned glyph. So you can here on the website glyph scan and play games. But you can also scan and then a glyph get coloring etc.

You can then check if your children being parents. See which games they do on HappyStudio.com them extra “star”, so that in their online world it can spend on gadgets.

Good luck with the download!

Even without HappyStudio.com games of McDonalds

Last week we received a link sent from a McDonald’s fan from France. With this link you could not join a game online play HappyStudio.com anyway. Of course we like to look and found it definitely a fun game to just share with you.

HappyStudio.fr from France

In France the first location in Europe where they have launched HappyStudio.com. There is therefore a lot to play with. Especially now the weather is less and less playing games on the computer an enjoyable time spent. HappyStudio.fr is already an active club and there are more and more fun items added.

McDonald’s France has put online game

But now the McDonald’s in France is another game put online. The game is called “Avoid the obstacles.” With this game you fly through different landscapes, and you must avoid obstacles. Along the way you and Happy Meals to you then have to collect additional points.

Have fun playing

Of course we wish you now much fun with playing this game. And of course you’re still welcome to HappyStudio.com

How do you subscribe to HappyStudio.com

We get a lot of questions from visitors Gliefs.nl how you can join HappyStudio.com. Why we have just posted an overview of the steps.

Sign in to HappyStudio.com

  • Visit the website: www.happystudio.com
  • Click on the balloon Dutch, the Belgian visitors, of course you click on the Belgian balloon.
  • Then the website loaded. During charging, you can already play a little game. You can see the bubbles coming up so Happy puncture through the air. Success already
  • You will arrive at the home screen HappyStudio.com
  • Here you click on New player (if you’ve already registered, you can click on Returning player)
  • Then you indicate whether you’re a boy or a girl
  • Now you can come up with a nice nickname for yourself. This is a kind of alias, that you can put on your happy studio passport you receive / have received the Happy Meal. Imagine your callsign together three nice words back together. You can choose whether to be elected by HappyStudio.com. We are now called Smelly Cat mucous
  • Click Next
  • Then we go into the avatar (this is a virtual doll that looks just like you, or just completely different:)), then first again in the following
  • Now you can make your avatar. Select a nice shirt, pants, shoes, your hair, what color eyes do you have?, Do you wear glasses? a pet?. Once you have everything checked, your avatar is ready, this will soon walk through happyStudio.com. Finally, you can go to the wardrobe, this is still nothing. Within happy studio you can earn points and example new clothes. Which can then attract this way. For now, click next
  • You look good and get 100 stars of HappyStudio.com, click volgendeNu will really begin the registration process
  • Optionally, you can now change your callsign, we just click on next
  • Now think of a good password you can remember. But do not make it too easy, then anyone going under your login name. We have completed our password and click next
  • Give now how old you are and click next step
  • Enter the email address of your ancestors and click next
  • Congratulations, you are now logged into HappyStudio.comJe parents now receive an email to confirm your account in the mail to them on the green button to confirm your registration.

Login to HappyStudio.com after registration

  • After your parents have approved your account you can return to HappyStudio.com
  • Click again on the Dutch flag, and our Belgian visitors to the Belgian flag.
  • Now click on returning player
  • Enter the address of your ancestors and click next
  • Now enter your password and click next
  • Now you’re loaded and studios happy inside. Now the adventure can begin.

We wish you lots of fun inside HappyStudio.com and if you have any questions, let us know.

HappyStudio.com for parents

For parents there is the HappyStudio.com app. Download for Android and iPhone. This app lets you monitor what your child does on HappyStudio.com and you can reward him or her by giving stars. A star can earn by helping your child set the table with some chores. Additionally you can use the studio happy glyph scanning app. These glyphs can be found at the McDonalds on the happy meal or on posters. Also here we have some glyph www.gliefs.nl collected.

The gold code?

Bij je Happymeal krijg je ook een gouden code. Deze gouden code kun je gebruiken in HappyStudio.com. Wil jij een gratis gouden Code? Ga dan nu naar onze Facebook pagina en klik op de button “vind ik leuk”. Jij krijgt dan van ons de Gouden code van het Gouden kaartje van je HappyMeal.

Go to our Facebook page and click “vind ik leuk”

HappyStudio.com in France

In France, HappyStudio.com launched a while ago before they have actually already made ​​a movie that you see below:


That is well done.

The app and their makers

There is a special “HappyStudio.com” apartment available for both Apple and Android. This application is designed for children and their parents together something fun to do at McDonalds restaurant. With this app you can activate the glyph (this is basically a kind of nice formatted QR-code, which you can scan) within the app and then you play games.

This app was developed by Fuel Industries Inc.., The creative brain behind this action. Fuel Industries has already worked for McDonalds and developed a special website for kids to raise awareness of endangered diersoorten. Unfortunately is this site no longer live, but more information about this case is available at the website of Fuel Industries.

The interesting thing about this campaign is that the makers prior to the campaign launched the app, where all games could be played by collecting cards and playing where kids are already able to register. Children who register prior to the campaign will receive a special surprise when the action starts.

Curious about the App? Download it now via the link below.

Source: itunes store

What is a glyph?

A “glyph” is nothing but a (nice formatted) QR code, which you can scan for Happy Meals and other expressions of McDonalds with a special app. A glyph can not scan a QR code reader. To read the glyph you need to HappyStudio.com app, which you can download at the bottom of this page for the Android and iPhone.

By scanning a glyph, you happy in the studio apartment or a new game get another card. Or would the makers have other surprises in store?

Here we keep on www.gliefs.nl you informed of everything around glyph. Below are two examples. The first is a real QR code and the second is actually your first glyph that you can scan now. On the next day we put www.gliefs.nl more glyphs, so you can play a little already.

Have fun.

qrcode               Glief van McDonalds copyright by McDonalds

Example QR Code               Example of a glyph


HappyStudio.com is an action-based website launched by McDonalds where children can play and learn.

McDonalds says this about himself HappyStudio.com:

”HappyStudio.com is an online world that is completely free, and created by McDonald’s to children to turn to fun educational games, activities and experiences to the whole family is involved, where they share and rewards while we get some of our famous character friends up in the limelight.”

Parents play an important role in HappyStudio.com since they are the ones with the smart-phone and an email account, but it does not. Also within the online world, they play a role as their child (ren) to monitor, but also to reward. It is interesting to see how the communication is directed both to children and also to the parents.

The welcome e-mail to the parents is also:

Parents can hand out rewards in the theme of many well-known character friends. Get involved! You always have access to the accounts of your kids, see what games they play and what creative gifts they have made ​​for you, and you can reward them with stars! Stars are characters that kids can earn by playing games, activities to do, and you can give your home eg if they help.”

We continue to follow the campaign with interest, then we may also know who the famous ‘character boyfriends’ are …


This website is about glyph. Glyph, the sensation of McDonalds. Nobody knows exactly what you can, what it is and what it can do for you. On this blog we will keep you informed of everything around glyphs.


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